Beauty on the Farm

Here are photos from a fun photo shoot this past weekend. Adam & Katlyn are such beautiful people (inside & out) and I had so much fun photographing them out on Adam's family farm. I hope you both had a wonderful time at Ring Dance!

Hi, my name is Duke!

Hi, my name is Duke and I'm the sweetest Red Lab you'll ever meet. Today, my Aunt Jordan took me around to take pictures in the bluebonnets and here they are! What an exhausting adventure!

And this is about the time I start getting real tired! Taking pictures is hard work!

Did I mention that I was also starving? Is it illegal to eat our State flower?

Is Cloning Ethical?

If you ask me, yes! This is especially the case when it means removing ugly light poles from pictures of pretty babies in bluebonnets. Thank you for being such a sweet baby, Madeline!

SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera)

Cropping, Color Boost, & Cloning Tool

The Essence of Loggie

Loggie Bear (aka Logan), our very poor, mistreated and never spoiled family pet, sits on the stairs just high enough where he can see over our back fence. His sense of accomplishment is determined by the number of people he can scare walking on the other side of our backyard fence. Nevertheless, I think this picture sums up the life of our 11 year old big black bird. He sits strategically watching for fence people while having a full vantage point of the kitchen. It amazes me how this dog is not severely obese.

It's Always Snowy in College Station...

NOT...but today we did have some beautiful snow and here are the pictures!

Ali begins to roll...

Giving the second layer a little pat...

Here is Rylie, our acrobatic dog, who was obsessed with fetching snowballs!

The beautiful snowman and snowdog that Ali & Ashley made...good job girls! I have quickly learned that I am a warm-weather kind of gal!

Ta da!

Bingo, Weddings & Snow Sledding


This past Thursday I had the fortunate opportunity to join one of my very best friends and roommates for a game of bingo. Her boyfriend was in town for the weekend and so he and I had fun being newbies to this intense game. I use the word 'intense' because this is a fast-paced, no-time-for-falling-behind game that gave me a run for my money. Needless to say, I did not win but here are some fun pictures.

Here is C-man himself. Don't be fooled by the smile because we were both stressin' out about keeping up with all the old folks.

Wedding Fun...

Saturday was so much fun because we got to go to such a beautiful wedding. Keri, the bride, had such wonderful taste in everything from her wedding dress to the bridesmaids' dresses to the yummy dinner and cake and of course the venue (Miramont Country Club).

One other wonderful thing about this wedding was that I got see one of my closest friends from grad school. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding and flew all the way down from Philadelphia where snow is apparently very abundant! Here she is with the BEAUTIFUL bride and her gorgeous dress!

Ok I may get in trouble for posting this but I had to because it was just so cute. Aren't brothers the best?
L & J...need I say more!

Mt. Aggie...Where a kid can be a kid

Such a fun evening with some fun people.

We were definitely the oldest kids there by about 15 years!